The fragrance of gold powder and diamonds summoned my attention. The rooms light focused on my father’s hands as he laid down wax pieces for a diamond necklace, glasses near the edge of his nose. What do you think? I saw dull wax on a flat sheet of paper. He laughed, I learned.

The poetry of fine jewelry making is full of paradox, like the powerful tools that require the slightest touch of force and gentleness. Operating within the tolerance of tenths of a millimeter. Guided by an experienced hand with a deep passion, iron will and soft touch. A diamond is set like the strings of a violin are played. 

Circa 1947, my grandfather opened a small jewelry store in the romantic city of Shiraz. It is this earnest purity of genuineness that elevates us above the fray of fashion.

Mission & Values

To make the world a more beautiful and safe place. 

Integrity - Our guiding principle, the foundation for our success. It builds loyalty, it creates value.

Love -  Conquers all and without it beauty does not exist. Where the heart and mind meet. 

Intelligence - Problem solving. Balancing creativity with science, consciously. 

Quality - Attention to detail. Often hundredths of a millimeter. 


It means we will always be there to stand behind your investment. Annual inspection and cleaning. Appraisals. Insurance. Options. Dedicated lifetime white glove service.